What are the advantages of plastic fuel tanks?

At Grupel, we are 100% dedicated to innovation and to the constant improvement of all the elements that make up and contribute to the good functioning of our generators. We believe that the quality of each piece makes a difference in our final product, making it increasingly more competent and reliable.

The use of plastic fuel tanks, allows:

  • The product to be lighter;
  • Since there is no need for welding, there is also no risk of leakage;
  • There is no danger of oxidation by contact with the fuel, therefore, its deterioration is slower;
  • Being less susceptible to leakage and deterioration, this element has greater resistance and durability;
  • The fuel tank is removable, which facilitates its eventual replacement.


Furthermore, in Grupel gensets, the fuel tank is located outside the chassis, and is not as vulnerable to leakage caused by transport or movement of the group via forklift. As it is an independent part, there is no direct contact of the tank with external elements that can damage it.

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