What are the advantages of soundproof generators?

Soundproof generators offer numerous advantages to the user, since they are safer and more robust solutions, suitable for any type of application, respecting the standards in force with regard to noise and vibration emissions.

These generators differ from the open type ones because they have a canopy, a metallic structure that protects the generator set components from the weather, theft, and other external actions.

They are suitable for various types of applications, from construction to agriculture or industry, and even for residential use and in hospitals or clinics, where the noise level requirements are stricter. And they can serve these spaces and projects either by providing power continuously or in an emergency, i.e., when there is a power grid breakdown.


In practice, what are the advantages of soundproof generators?
  • They reduce noise, avoiding undesirable effects on the personnel operating or performing maintenance, as well as on those who frequent the places where they are located
  • They comply with the rules and standards in force, with regard to noise and vibration emissions
  • They provide greater robustness and minimize the effects of corrosion, protecting the components and connections against bad weather, such as rain, frost, and strong winds
  • They protect the equipment against theft and vandalism, since the canopy generally has sturdy doors and locks
  • They facilitate outdoor installation, without the need for an extra protective structure
  • For all the points mentioned, they are more durable


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