What are the application advantages of industrial generators?

Industrial generators are a versatile and robust equipment, recommended for different industries, but also for other demanding applications such as the healthcare, the communication / information and the agriculture sectors, among others. A power failure in any of these sectors can lead to dramatic situations, as it can mean critical damage, such as production losses, loss of data and information, or even serious accidents.

For this reason, they are designed and produced according to strict legal norms and production parameters, so that, when operating as a continuous or emergency power source, they can guarantee the operation of various devices and heavy machinery and ensure an effective response, in the absence of mains power.


Main advantages of industrial generators:

  • They can operate either as a continuous power supplier, being the main source of energy, or as a standby power supplier, safeguarding the correct functioning of the electrical appliances, in the event of a mains failure;
  • They provide energy over long distances, without sacrificing efficiency – which is essential for events, major construction works, logistics centers, hospital services, among others;
  • As in any range, there are several solutions for industrial generators that are adapted to the diverse needs of the various areas of industrial work. But all products in this range are characterized by being capable of an efficient and vigorous energy supply.


These gensets are also distinguished in terms of product design: their architecture is designed taking their future maintenance and the way it will be carried out into account. This is because, if regular checks are recommended on standard generators, for industrial versions maintenance is mandatory, given the demanding requirements and typical workforce of any application where this kind of generator will be used.

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