What are the main extras of Standard Generators?

Extras are very common in Grupel's standard generators, as one of the features that distinguishes Grupel the most is its ability to adapt its products to each case, application or purpose.

With the variety of extras for standard generators that we have available, the Grupel's gensets can be customized, improved and changed according to the customer’s needs.


In Standard Generators, some of the most commonly used extra components include:


Preheating resistor

This component's purpose is to heat the water and an ideal temperature, allowing for the circulation of coolant in the engine. So, it is necessary to use it in generators that work in standby mode or in environments with temperatures below 10ºC.


  • Facilitates engine start-up;
  • Increases instantaneous load uptake;
  • Increases engine durability.


Automatic transfer switch

As the name implies this component switches the power supply between the main source (which is usually the grid) and the secondary source (generator set), if the main source fails.


  • Power is re-established automatically;
  • Possibility of being incorporated into the generator set itself.


Increased fuel tank capacity

The generator sets have a built-in daily tank whose capacity varies depending on the canopies used, but there is the possibility of increasing it.


  • Greater autonomy.


Retention Bund

This component is applied to the base of the standard generator and it retains liquids that may spill from the equipment.


  • Avoids higher costs in a concrete bund;
  • Ease of later collection of spilled liquids.


Sockets kit

Depending on the amperage, we have predefined sockets in standard generators, however, it is possible to change them at the customer's request.


  • Direct and facilitated connection of equipment to the generator;
  • Different Amperage protected by the respective differential circuit breakers.


Lifting eyebolt

Optional feature that can be applied to most of our generator models in order to facilitate transportation and installation.


  • Easy handling.
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