What are the possible causes for a generator not starting?

Your genset doesn't start?

Maintenance is essential to ensure the safe and proper functioning of the generator, as well as to optimize its useful life. However, even with regular maintenance, there are several factors that can lead to unexpected failures in the operation of the generator. Here are some examples why the genset doesn't start:


Battery failure
Most of the failures in starting the generator are related to the battery. Namely, with the accumulation of lead sulphates on its plates, which ends up rendering them useless. Purchasing a maintenance-free battery is an option that minimizes the problem, but even so, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance or replacement.


Air in the fuel system
When the generator is stopped for a long time, there is a possibility of air entering the fuel system and, consequently, of failure when trying to start the equipment. To prevent this from happening, it is important to run weekly tests on the generator. This habit helps to maintain the proper functioning of the generator and to avoid possible failures.


Fuel leak
Fuel leaks can occur in systems that are not periodically maintained or that are exposed to inadequate weather conditions and other inappropriate conditions. This can cause cracks in the hoses and valves where the fuel passes. Leakage of fuel can lead to the previous problem of air in the system, leading to even more failures.


Diesel engine generators are generally designed to operate with a load of 70% to 80% of the rated output. This is the best way to guarantee the effectiveness of the system. Generators that run on a low load for a long period accumulate fuel residues in the form of carbonized particles and other residues such as oil, condensed water and other acids. To clean the system and avoid generator failures, it is recommended that the engine run at full load for some time in order to burn excess fuel.


Problems with circuit breakers and / or fuses
In the case that the generator doesn't start due to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, the reason for this failure must be verified. In this way, one is able to act on the problem and solve it, instead of forcing the resetting of the circuit breaker or replacing the fuse, which can cause serious damage to the system, which acted preventively to stop an overload, a short -circuit or other risks.


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