What is the fuel pre-filter for?

To ensure the proper functioning of your generator, it is essential that its components operate properly. There are some elements that help to maintain the state of conservation of the circuits of the group and of its components and, thus, ensure their correct functioning.

The pre-filter, for example, has the purpose of separating water from fuel and removing residues in it, preventing them from being pumped into the engine and causing oxidation, corrosion and cavitation problems in the cylinders.

It is recommended for generators that are inactive for long periods and which are in places where the available fuel is of low quality, or mixed with other components, as these may affect the performance of the equipment.

Its use thus improves the performance of the engine and extends its useful life and that of the constituent elements of the fuel circuit.

In addition to using the pre-filter, it is also necessary to periodically check its condition to ensure that it continues to fulfill its function. Over time, it will be necessary to clean or even replace it, with each manufacturer having its own recommendations regarding the times when it should be done.

Periodic maintenance contributes to the proper functioning of the generator, which helps to achieve a more economical performance, without failures and accidents, and to extend the life of the equipment.

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