What is the role of the alternator’s space heater?

The space heater’s purpose is to reduce the moisture in the alternator.

The integrity of the insulation and the components of the generator, namely of the alternator, must be carefully preserved, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensation is the use of space heaters, as these utensils maintain an adequate temperature so that the conditions for condensation are not met.

These components are recommended for:

  • places where the relative humidity is high;
  • places where the ambient temperature is low;
  • coastal areas;
  • generators with prolonged periods of inactivity.


Condensation is harmful because the contact of the water with the alternator can lead to its corrosion, oxidation and deterioration, compromising its efficiency and durability. Thus, having to be repaired (with high costs) or even replaced before predicted.

This phenomenon is inevitable, and the space heaters do not prevent it fully. However, it is possible to minimize its effects and avoid greater harm with regard to its action on the components and the generator.

It is important to note that this component needs an auxiliary power source external to the generator, since its operation occurs when the equipment is not in operation.

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