What precautions must be taken when installing a generator?

When thinking about purchasing and installing a generator, there are some precautions that must be taken in order to optimize its operation and eventual maintenance. Here they are:

Fresh air intake
For the cooling of the generator set and for a good combustion of the diesel engine, the location of the installation must contain an opening to the outside, for the entry of fresh (cold) air.


Hot air outlet
Likewise, it is extremely important that the hot air from the radiator is channeled to the outside, so that the air temperature in the room is always adequate and prevents the generator set from stopping due to lack of cooling (high temperature).


Exhaust gas output
The exhaust systems of the generator sets were designed to minimize noise emissions and to direct the exhaust gases (extremely harmful to humans) to the outside.


All of these points must be calculated depending on the power of the generator, that is, the intake of fresh air and the outlet of hot air and exhaust gases must be adapted to each case.


Examples of applications

This is an image of a perfect installation: with intake of fresh air (being outdoors); with extraction of exhaust gases / fumes (with a duct); and with a cover to protect the group.



This is an image of a bad application: there is no air intake; and there is no access and space for possible maintenance or group checks.



Access for maintenaince

Additionally, for maintenance or equipment checks it is important to take into account:

  • The accessibility - ensuring that the assistance van is as close as possible to the installation, in order to facilitate the movement of materials;
  • The space for fully opening the generator doors;
  • The access to the front of the generator (radiator);
  • The access to the rear of the generator (alternator);
  • A cover, not only to protect the generator from the weather, but also to facilitate its maintenance.


For installations, Grupel always advises the following dimensions surrounding the generator:

Recommendations for installing a Generator 2 Recommendations for installing a Generator 1

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