Portable (3 - 8kW)

Portable Generators

Grupel’s PortableRange generators are ideal for powering various domestic activities such as: DIY, leisure, support for low-power power tools in the industrial sector, as well as the daily support of agricultural activities.

This range is made up of generators developed to supply power to various electrical energy consumption equipment. These low power devices (3.1kW), single-phase open model with manual start, are ideal for supporting basic household appliances, suitable for the residential / leisure sector.

The 8kW single-phase or three-phase open-ended electric start-up devices are intended to provide power to industrial-strength or electric-charged power tools, as is the in the sector construction and industry.

These generators are compact and resistant to high working intensities, have a high yield, with excellent features that make them ideal equipment for different types of environments. They are generators that can be used by both professionals and individuals.

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