PORTABLE (2 - 7kW)

Portable Gasoline Generators Range

Grupel’s portable gasoline generators range – GR2500, GR3000, GR6500 (in ascending order of power) – are easy to use and simple to transport, allowing you to have energy always at hand, anywhere.

It is recommended that they are only used in an emergency (a maximum of 4 and 6 hours), but they can easily aid devices and equipment at home or in small businesses, and be handled, either by professionals or by non-specialized people.

They are ideal for powering household appliances and tools, camping equipment, lighting devices, and can also serve as a secondary source of energy in the event of a power failure or cut.

With their own specifications and attributes, the 3 models are CE certified, respecting environmental and noise standards, are powered by gasoline and are easy to handle.

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