Nowadays we can no longer live without electricity. A power generator in the residential context can be essential for backing up your home's electrical system, whether it's for the entire house or just the most essential items.

Nowadays we can no longer live without electricity. From something essential like lighting or heating the house, to tasks as simple as cooking, bathing, running the washing machine or dishwasher, watching TV, opening and closing the garage door or the blinds, among many others, electricity makes our lives simpler and more convenient.

These tasks are part of our daily life, and most of the time we don’t even remember how dependent they are on the energy supply. Only when there is a power cut, namely due to bad weather or instability of the local power grid, do we remember how much we need it. And it is in these cases that power generators can be essential to ensure that you continue your daily life smoothly.


With the option of being fueled by gasoline, diesel, or natural gas, depending on the access to raw material, the electric generators intended for residential use can operate on an emergency or continuous basis, according to the location of the house. They can also present countless other technical specifications that ensure greater comfort and safety in their use and maintenance, such as:

  • automatic start-up as soon as a power cut is detected,
  • remote control through a smartphone, tablet or computer,
  • high level of soundproofing,
  • increased robustness if exposed to severe thermal variations.

Depending on the number of equipment to be used, these emergency generators can be portable, for lower power, or fixed when the requirement is higher. Besides, there are single or three-phase solutions, according to the usage profile.

Grupel has a specialized technical team available to help you find the best solution for your case.


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