How to properly use a power generator?

Power generators are equipment that creates energy through the combustion of fuel. These devices need to be handled with care, by following all standards and recommendations for use.


To properly use power generators, you should follow these guidelines:
  • When refueling, the engine must be switched off;
  • When possible, connect a grounding plug;
  • Conductors and connectors must be used with due care, otherwise you may get an electric shock;
  • In relation to storage it is important that you select a safe space to store it as well as to handle the fuel;
  • The areas where the generators are to be run must be ventilated to avoid the concentration of carbon monoxide;
  • If the circuit-breakers are switched off, you should check the connection of the different equipment attached to the generator;
  • While the generator is working, you should at no time touch it, otherwise you may burn your skin;
  • One must also consider the fact that generators need to be properly maintained to avoid problems in terms of operation, but also to prolong their life cycle.


What you need to know to start a power generator:
  1. First, you must place the generator in a stable and levelled location;
  2. Check the tank for an appropriate level of fuel, and if it is a 4-stroke engine, check the crankcase oil level. Confirm that the connections of the equipment to be paired are compatible;
  3. Press the ON button and the fuel tap, if necessary. To start with low temperature, you must turn on the boot device;
  4. At the end, you must disconnect all the equipment and set the switch to OFF mode. If applicable, the fuel cock must also be turned off. Never let the equipment run out of fuel while switched on.


One of the fundamental steps in choosing a generator it is determining the required power to start up all the equipment you want to turn on.

Always use your generator properly and get maximum energy efficiency!

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