What precautions should you take when using a Portable Generator?

Grupel’s portable generator, with powers from 2 to 6.9kVA, are versatile, easy to use and ideal for activities at home or for leisure. But to ensure a proper and efficient operation, you must consider some practices that will enable you to get the best out of your generator, while ensuring that it has a long useful life.

Here are 9 steps you should take to safeguard your safety, your generator and the equipment you intend to supply:

  1. First, read carefully the instruction manual for your portable generator to better understand its operation and avoid behaviors that endanger your safety, as well as the integrity of the generator and the equipment it supplies to;
  2. Check the oil level before each use. If necessary, add oil to the generator. This liquid “component” serves to lubricate internal engine components, so if it is less than ideal, it can lead to its complete degradation;
  3. Check the amount of fuel in the generator’s tank. Fill it if necessary. Without fuel, the engine will not start or run;
  4. Check the equipment for leaks and if it is necessary to tighten some parts;
  5. To start the generator, take it outside. It is dangerous to put it to work inside, since the exhaust gases are toxic;
  6. Always be very careful of the fact that the power of the devices you connect must not exceed the power of the generator. Overload can be harmful to both the generator and the devices connected to it;
  7. You should take into account the recommended time when using the generator continuously. In GR2500’s case, the maximum period of continuous operation is 4 hours; and for the GR3000 and GR6500, it is 6 hours;
  8. After using your generator, store it in a clean and dry place, where it is protected from rain, high temperatures and dust. But before moving it to places with poor ventilation, let it cool down;
  9. It is important to carry out periodic checks and maintenance, as recommended by Grupel.


By following all these steps, you will have the best Energy and be safe always.

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