Grupel making the difference and dreaming with U.DREAM

Social Responsability

Being a U.DREAMer means, in the first place, to have a big heart and make it available to who needs it the most. It also means to be tireless and steady, and in the second plan to reach out to others, be the owner of positive and contagious energy, given yourself and expect nothing more than a smile (U.DREAM).“

And it was because of this positive and contagious energy that Grupel joined U.DREAM, the first junior social company of the country, promoted by students that belief can change the world, especially kids, and it challenged us to dream together to make a difference.

With this challenge, Grupel decided to contribute directly to make a dream come true, that in this case, was Tiago’s dream.

Tiago’s History:

“The autism took away some ability to talk by using words, but at the same time, it gave him a big passion for music, especially by pianos and music boxes. This is Tiago and it has a contagious smile, able to awaken in us the most genuine emotions. We wanted for one day, to take Tiago into a very special trip, but this time accompanied (U.DREAM).”

To accomplish this dream and make it reality, especially some of its favorite things like the snow globe and music boxes that he plays every day, give the experiences that we never had the chance to do, like visit the Casa da Música and play piano, and for being passionate for music he had the offer of a piano and music lessons, among other moments and offers that made Tiago very happy.

To get to know this history and the dream come true of Tiago, watch the video “The journey to a perfect repetition”.

The difference is made, Tiago was a kid that had our ENERGY in his DREAM.

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