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Grupel has recently supplied a generator for mining support, in Guinea-Conakry. A diesel generator set that will assist the works and processes in this sector of great importance for the country, ensuring its energy supply.

The power generator in question has 660kVA of power and is composed of a Perkins engine, a Leroy Somer alternator, and a DeepSea controller. In addition, and given the characteristics of the demanding mining sector, it has some extra components, such as:

  • Temperature, oil level and fuel sensors, in order to ensure the easy monitoring of the equipment and its safe and efficient operation
  • Water and air filters, crucial in environments prone to dust, dirt and other particles, as is the case of mines
  • Manual oil pumping system, ideal for safe storage, distribution and hauling

The use of generators in mining support is very important, as it is essential to ensure a flawless power supply at all times to equipment as diverse as large drills, compressors, shovels, excavation machinery, and lighting equipment. Often located in remote places where the electrical grid is either not accessible or not robust enough for such demanding work as the industry’s, mines can greatly benefit from the use of generator sets as the main source of power.

The local conditions in mines are generally challenging, as natural light is scarce and temperatures can be extreme. In addition, they are very susceptible to dust, sand and dirt. Therefore, ensuring one (or more) equipment that is robust, durable, and capable of providing stable power is the ideal solution.


Many are the applications that Grupel power generators have been serving over the years. And, thanks to the work of our team, our products are able to provide reliable power to more and more activities and infrastructures.

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