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Grupel has developed and supplied military generators for Star Defence Logistics & Engineering SL, a Spanish technological development company for military and civilian markets, with worldwide presence.

The project consists of 30 5kWe power generators located in BMR and TOA vehicles.

The military generators are equipped with YANMAR 3TNM72 engine and MECC ALTE NPE32-2S alternator and are prepared to operate in standby mode in case of failure or absence of the main power grid.

In addition, they have some distinctive features, specially customized to meet the challenges of the application, both in terms of conditions and usage and load expectations:

  • Reduced dimensions to fit the available space in the vehicle in which they will be installed
  • Soundproofied to comply with noise emission standards
  • Bolted connection between the sheet steel canopy and the chasis
  • Retention tank to avoid liquid spills from the engine
  • Direct supply from the fuel tank of the vehicle in which they are installed
  • Remote operation from the control panel installed inside the military vehicle
  • Manual and automatic operation in case of power failure
  • Painting with anti-corrosion treatment to meet market requirements


Our technical team reinforces the importance of this project and talks about the challenge of providing power to the demanding military sector:

"For this type of application, it is necessary to ensure the reliability and durability of the solution, ensuring simplicity in operation and robustness in materials. In the specific case of this equipment, the biggest challenge has been the adaptation to the space available for installation in the vehicle. The generators were conceived to occupy the least space possible, allowing control and operation from inside the vehicle and being fueled from the vehicle's fuel tank"


The military sector is complex and rigorous in terms of energy needs, so it requires a stable and safe supply for its facilities and activities, which is achieved by using reliable generator sets, with high quality components and a wide range of powers to suit different projects.

Grupel has extensive experience in this field and is therefore able to create and develop solutions that meet the requirements of projects in this sector, such as this one for Star Defence.



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