Genset maintenance: Tips and recommendations

Genset maintenance is key to prevent damages on your equipment and to guarantee its smooth operation. After the installation and start-up of your generator, it is very important to perform preventive maintenance operations, which should be done by properly trained technicians. Here are Grupel’s tips on how to keep your generator running at its best:


Check the unit twice a year

Even if it is not in use, it is crucial to check on the condition of the genset’s components. Look for loose or worn cables, stuck buttons, hose leaks and corroded elements. Ask for spare parts and replacements, if needed.


Minimize dust and dirt

Excessive dust can lead to loss of power of the alternator and the engine, and will quickly oversaturate the filters’ air intake, possibly causing your generator to stop. Maintain your genset free of dust and dirt, by cleaning it as much as possible on a regular basis, but do not use solvents or cleaning products that may cause other damage to its components.


Start the generator regularly

Even if it is not used frequently, it is recommended to start your genset every three months and allow it to run for a few minutes. In doing so, you will help keep its components lubricated by circulating the oil throughout the engine and you will be able to verify if it is running in top form.


Prevent water from entering the unit

Check if there are any ways water may be entering your equipment. Ask for help if a better care and a more complex response are needed. Contact our team.


Replace the valve cover gasket after every 1000h of use

Time and usage can dry out or crack the valve cover gasket, making it unable to contain the engine’s oil, which can lead to engine failure.


Change oil, diesel and air filters regularly

Genset maintenance also involves regularly checking the condition of your generator set's oil, fuel, antifreeze, and air filters. These procedures can really make a difference and help keep your equipment away from degradation. Grupel has a complete article on this subject. Read it here.


Inspect the batteries

The accumulation of lead sulphates on the batteries’ plates ends up rendering them useless, which is one of the biggest causes for your genset not starting up. See how you may keep the battery of your genset in good condition here.


Do you need maintenance?

Genset maintenance is a crucial part of our work. Ask for a service here.


Do you need spare parts?

Grupel provides a multi-brand spare parts service. Contact us.


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