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Following the development and international growth strategy of recent years, Grupel has installed three generators at a Oil Terminal in Jordan.

The project, consisting of the supply of three emergency diesel generators, has the following power outputs, 1658kVA and 1350kVA, and has the following features:

  • 1 x 1658kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TAG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734E alternator and DSE7420 controller in a 40” container.
  • 2 x 1350kVA (STP) Emergency Diesel Genset with PERKINS 4012-46TWG2A engine with STAMFORD PI734C alternator and DSE7420 controller in a 20” container.


The gensets are installed in the Oil Terminal, for feeding the essential load that is required for protecting sensitive equipment of the plant in case of a mains failure. They were built under very strict standards and certifications due to the sensitivity of the installation. All equipment was tested with international standards after the request of the client.


Two of the gensets share a 15000lts fuel tank with completely independent supplies and fuel level sensors. The third genset has a 10000lts fuel tank.

All 3 gensets have been designed for operating in extreme ambient conditions. The air inlet of the container has air filters due to the high concentration of dust in the area. Motorized louvers are installed in the air inlet and outlet. The louvers in the air outlet are pneumatically operated because they must open immediately when the gensets start.

The 40” container is divided into 3 compartments, one for the generator, one for the air filters and one for the power and control panels.

The 20” container is divided into 2 compartments, one for the generator and one for the filters. The panels are fitted in the structure of the container.

The power panels of the 3 gensets was prepared for an external copper busbar connection from the top part of the panel, which was designed with high detail so that the client could connect the busbar without any distance issues.

Also, a highlight of the project is the existence of a remote-control panel for each generator installed in the electrical rooms of the Oil Terminal. From this panel, the operator can control and monitor the genset as well as the state of the change over breakers that are part of the client´s installation.

The operation of the generators is completely automatic. Due to the equipment’s importance, the gensets start-up automatically and feed the essential equipment in less than 20 seconds. The mains failure detection is done by a DSE335 controller that controls also the changeover between the mains and the genset.

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