WWTPs - Water Treatment

WWTPs - Wastewater treatment plants - are units created to process and purify effluents of domestic or industrial origin.

Wastewater treatment plants – WWTPs – are units created to process and purify effluents of domestic or industrial origin. In order to be discharged into rivers and seas, these waters must go through a previous set of treatment stages, so that it can be avoid pollution risks.

There has been an exponential increase in water consumption worldwide in recent decades, which is why these structures have become increasingly essential and frequent.

However, for them to function properly, it is necessary to use a set of technological equipment that controls the different stages of water treatment and distribution, analyzes the data collected and allows for process optimization and subsequent cost reduction.

In addition, these infrastructures are also highly demanding in terms of water pumping equipment. In the event of a power cut, the impact can be disastrous, since in addition to compromising the water treatment process, it can lead to a suspension on water distribution.


Thus, in order for these systems to operate in a reliable and continuous way, it is necessary to use emergency power generators that will guarantee the energy supply in case of failure. This way, the continuity of effluent water treatment is ensured, avoiding the occurrence of floods and untreated water discharges, which would lead to high environmental and financial impacts.

There are other cases, however, that depending on the location of the WWTP, gensets are used to compensate for the necessary supply during the summer season.

Therefore, the generator sets used in WWTPs should always be sized according to the characteristics of the WWTP, namely its layout, amount of water to be treated and methods used in the treatment. These equipments may also be remotely controlled through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, thus ensuring the safety and convenience of the team responsible for its maintenance.

Grupel counts with an Engineering team, that is prepared to assist you in developing a solution adapted to the needs of your WWTP.


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