Balance 2016: Grupel strengthens leadership in the Portuguese market


Grupel SA is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market, which is dedicated to the production of a wide range of generators, equipped with the best quality components and with power from 6kVA to 3500kVA for energy production.

In the data below it’s visible the growth obtained by the company in 2016, mainly in the European and American markets.

If we analyze billing, we see that in 2016 Grupel obtained its highest percentage of sales in the European market, mainly due to the strategy of attracting new distributors in Europe. If we look to the total turnover, we conclude that more than 80% of Grupel’s invocing is related to international markets, a direct consequence of the strong internationalization strategy adopted by the company, that expects to consolidate its presence in emerging markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia.

An indicator of the company’s growth success is related to total installed power. In this field, the highlight goes to the almost 400MW of power installed in Portugal. Also noteworthy are the nearly 120MW installed in Africa, followed by approximately 70MW in Central and South America.

Grupel Balance 2016 - installed power


Thus, Grupel closes the year 2016 with a growth of over 20% over the same period and already counts its presence in about 47 countries where the company markets its products through a network of specialized and local distributors.

Grupel Balance 2016 - 47 countries


For this success it contributes very much a young team of diverse nationalities, highly motivated and multidisciplinary. In 2016 there was a 17% increase in our human capital, this recruitment being more specialized and demanding.

Grupel Balance 2016 - workforce growth


João Pintado, Marketing Director of Grupel, also makes a careful and summary analysis of these results:

“2016 was a decisive year for Grupel. We have consolidated our brand and made an impact with our marketing communication. We know that we are a reference in the Portuguese industry and we want to continue working harder and better so that Grupel gets even more surprising results by the end of 2017. To date, everything indicates that the results will be better and we will continue to take even more portuguese Energy and industry around the world.”


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