Grupel’s Commercial Team visits partners in Latin America

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Grupel’s commercial team for the Latin American markets recently crossed the Atlantic to visit some of our official partners, keeping the focus on the proximity to the client that so characterizes Grupel.

Besides participating in the VI Feria Industrial, organized by our distributor in Honduras, we also took the opportunity to meet with partners from the Dominican Republic and Panama, taking stock of the results obtained last year and aligning the commercial strategies for the future.

This trip of Grupel to Latin America started in the Dominican Republic, where the team visited our official distributor and were able to learn more about the state of the market in this country, post-pandemic. In addition, they discussed strategies to promote the sale of higher-powered generator sets.

The next stop was Panama, where we were received by the official distributor of Grupel in this country. The meeting allowed a greater knowledge of this market, very connected to the construction sector, as well as the effects of the pandemic on it. Together, we aligned strategies to gain more and more prominence in the Panamanian market and, consequently, win more projects of great relevance.

In Honduras, we had the opportunity to participate in a fair organized by our official distributor, the VI Feria Industrial, where in addition to the usual booth with promotional materials we carried out a technical-commercial training for several employees of the partner company, as well as for some of its customers and suppliers. This way, we reached a wider audience, presenting our brand’s vision and values, as well as our products and services. The event also provided the usual meeting with our distributor to review last year’s results and to align goals and strategies for 2022.

Grupel’s team also had the opportunity to attend the inauguration event of this partner’s new facilities. Intriguingly, the event had the active support of Grupel generators, since, in the middle of the inauguration, the electric grid of the venue failed, and our equipment came into action providing the necessary power to proceed with the event.

These visits are essential for Grupel, which continuously invests in being close to our distributors and partners and in the sharing of strategies and needs, to achieve a more coordinated and effective action, which contributes to the success and growth of all parts.

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