Kick Energy 2019 – The kick-off to another year full of energy

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Last January 7th, Grupel celebrated 43 years together with the Grupelian family and took advantage of this day to throw the “dices” for 2019 in the event Kick Energy 2019.

This event had the purpose to present the strategies and goals for 2019, where each department described the results achieved in 2018 and the goals set for the upcoming year.

The opening of the event was made with a speech from Eng. Marco Santos, CEO of Grupel, with a brief approach to the gensets market worldwide, highlighting the company culture achievements from last year and presenting the goals for 2019 and 2020.

The following presentations were conducted by the responsible of each department:

  • José Souto, Operations Director
  • Miguel Sousa, Financial Director
  • Rita Estanqueiro, Human Resources Director
  • Isabel Balseiro, Quality, Environment, and Security Manager
  • João Pintado, Marketing Manager
  • Carla Cardoso, Supply Chain Manager


In each presentation, they made known the main tasks that their teams carried out throughout 2018 and the results obtained, as well as the proposals and objectives set for 2019. This sharing of information with each employee is considered by Grupel as part of its strategy and way of working, seeking to keep all employees involved and informed in order to work under the same guidance and objectives.

After these presentations, it was time to celebrate the 43 anniversary, with decades of achievements and team effort to achieve this level of excellence.

We will continue to generate the maximum commitment so that every year we can celebrate together and make Grupel a company with even more energy in the future.

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