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Last January 15th, Grupel celebrated 45 years of existence and kicked off the new year with the customary event – Kick Energy 2021.

The world’s context determined that this edition would go digital and, therefore, our reflections on 2020 and our goals for 2021 were shared through the screens scattered throughout the facilities and of our colleagues in home office.

As usual, the session was opened by Eng. Marco Santos (CEO of Grupel) who thanked the each Grupelian for their dedication and the creativity demonstrated in adapting to new rules and ways of working.

The CEO of the company called for the union of Grupel’s team and for the focus on our customers and partners, emphasizing that 2020 was proof that, even in the face of the most unexpected challenges, we are able to achieve goals and great results if we fight hard and as a team.

Kick Energy keeps all Grupelians up to date with the achievements and goals of each department, so that we can fine-tune strategies together. And so, after Eng. Marco, those responsible for each area took the floor and presented the results achieved by their teams in 2020 and shared the goals they have for the new year.

The event also included a break full of humor and, between laughter, the distance seemed to fade.

In 2021, we will put many teachings into practice, and we will, once again, do everything to bring the best Energy wherever it is needed.

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