MEE Dubai 2019, a fair to create and enhance partnerships

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The Middle East Electricity (MEE 2019) for being the biggest fair in the world in this sector is the ideal place to create and enhance partnerships.

This event, MEE 2019, happened in the days 5-7 of March in Dubai, the perfect set geographically, since it covers a wide area of 4 continents, and only the big brands in the market like Grupel are present.

This is a very important fair not only because of its visibility but also to demonstrate Grupel’s products and news like we’ve been doing for the past years.

The exhibited products by Grupel in this edition were the portable generators of 3kW and 8kW, the soundproof genset of 15kVA and open genset version of 110kVA and 330kVA.

Regarding the products improvements and new characteristic in the soundproof versions we highlighted the following features:


1950II Canopy

  • Vertical door lifting for easy maintenance and weatherproof protection
  • Lifting eye
  • High fuel tank autonomy – 1000Liters
  • Inlet and Outlet air louvers vertically open for maintenance efficiency
  • Polyester / electrostatic anticorrosion paint protection
  • Power range up to 40 kVA
  • ATS Integrated Generator (Optionally)
  • GSM access and communications (Optionally)
  • Battery current isolator Switch;
  • Open door sensor;
  • Anti-theft fuel block system;
  • High resistant key lockers theft fuel block system;
  • High resistant key lockers.


2300II Canopy

  • Bunded retention fuel tank 110% capacity;
  • Control and Power Panel integrated on Base frame isolated from the cabinet (high versatility);
  • High durability and extended anticorrosion protection (95% free of welding);
  • Water free IP protection.


In relation to the visitors, Grupel’s stand is always a place with great prominence at fairs thanks to its energetic color and its products, which leads to a high amount of visitors and interested parties in our products, and this year wasn’t an exception, we received visits from suppliers, potential customers/partners, and interested parties in our gensets, which proved to be a pertinent event to Grupel to deepen the knowledge and the relationships.

At this fair, we were able to meet with customers/partners and with potential ones from the most varied points of the globe, and this is what makes our presence and these types of events relevant. We establish proximity and personal contact with several partners that we acquired through the year digitally.

Apart from creating new partnerships, we could negotiate new sales during the event, and some of them will be celebrated soon. Additionally, we received requests that are good opportunities for Grupel and that have a good chance to really happen.

We consider that this is very important to be present at this fair, not only because of the visibility of brand Grupel and of its products, but as well to continue to reinforce the existent partnerships and to create new relations with customers, partners, and distributors.

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