Official Perkins training course at Grupel S.A.

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An accredited training of Perkins Engines Company Limited took place at the end of March at Grupel production facilities in Vagos. The training was taught by the instructor Patrick Caillon of the French company “Secodi”.

This certification and technical qualification was obtained by eight of Grupel’s employees and it’s valid for two years, offering similar skills to the technical members of Perkins in Portugal.

It is Grupel’s goal to always train its team with the latest innovations and updates in the most important areas of the company’s production process.

The high level of demand of our customers requires that the company is equipped with the best and highest technical resources, in order to be available to respond to the most diverse situations.

The training, which took place between March 27th and 30th, was not only composed of a theoretical training, but also based on in situ training, reinforcing its highly practical component.

This intensive training provided advanced technical skills to eight Grupel members who successfully completed training and are now officially certified in the technical assistance of the following engines:

  • 2200 Series
  • 2300 Series
  • 2500 Series
  • 2800 Series
  • 1100 D Series  – Mécanique / electronique


It is with great pride that we see the technical evolution of Grupel’s team to standards of quality and excellent performance that improve and empower the company at various levels.


Learn more about Perkins:

Perkins Engines Company Limited is an English manufacturer of diesel and gas engines for various markets including agriculture, construction, material handling, power generation and industry. Perkins engines are synonymous with quality, reliability and durability, which is why Grupel uses this brand in the production of its generators.


Get to know the range of Grupel generators, equipped with Perkins engines.

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