V Convention of Grupel Agents Spain

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The Commercial Agents of Grupel in Spain were gathered in another edition of the Convention of Agents, held at our headquarters in Vagos (Portugal).


This meeting allowed the exchange of ideas and the alignment of the commercial strategy for the promotion of Grupel’s brand and the management of business opportunities in the neighboring country. The event was also meant to strengthen ties between the various teams from each province and to exchange experiences.

As usual, the main goal of the meeting was to analyze Grupel’s results in Spain in 2021 and to share the company’s commercial goals for 2022, as well as the novelties of the products sold in this market.


During the event, the head of the Sales and Marketing Department presented the past results and the intentions for the future. 2022 marks the resumption of post-pandemic business and a significant reactivation of face-to-face models, with regular visits to customers and partners, as well as through participation in events.

The convention also included a visit to the factory, where the commercial agents were able to learn in detail about the manufacturing process of Grupel generators, including the new production line with the Salvagnini machine that brought significant gains in terms of production and process optimization.

There was also time to clarify questions regarding recently introduced products and the reformulation of ranges. The agents also had the opportunity to receive training on the new internal procedures implemented, which aim at the optimization of Grupel’s work process, from the gathering of orders to the commissioning of projects.

This convention was an opportunity for each commercial agent to expose the challenges they face in their daily work and present possible solutions to optimize the notoriety and positioning of Grupel’s brand in that market.

In 2021, the Spanish market showed a significant growth in terms of sales volume, which demonstrates the success of the consolidation of our brand in this country. The goals for 2022 are even more ambitious, so it is necessary to maintain a serious and organized work of dynamization of Grupel.

That is why meetings such as the V Convention of Grupel Agents Spain are fundamental, as they allow a face-to-face sharing of the objectives and strategies of the company, while allowing a better assessment of the needs and conclusions of those who are in the field.

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