3rd Conference of Grupel Spanish Sales Agents

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Another edition of our Conference with Grupel’s sales agents from Spain, who had the opportunity to visit our headquarters and thus get to know and receive Grupel’s energy.

We received the commercial Grupel Agents from Spain on the days 28 and 29th of March to analyze the results of 2018 and define the strategy to 2019 and respective goals.

In this edition, unlike last edition in which we addressed the Grupel Academy technical-commercial training, we decided to focus on the 2018 results and analyze them in detail so that Agents have a deeper sense of the global market in Spain.

In 2018, the Spanish market showed a significant growth in the number of sales made, in addition to a strengthening of the network of Grupel commercial agents that contributed to this growth.

Apart from the sales results, it was also essential to define strategies and important aspects considered by Agents, because every province has its demands and need different approaches suitable to their regions.

Another focus point in this conference was the product Grupel + Grupel, which is a product that is growing in the global market of Grupel and it is conquering territory also in the Spanish market, this is why it was crucial to address this topic technically and to inform about Grupel components that are present in the gensets.

In this 3rd edition, although we couldn’t have all the Agents present in the event, we had the presence of commercial agents that represent Grupel in the following provinces: Almeria, Malaga, Pontevedra, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Toledo, Burgos e Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

At the end of this conference, we are certain that we have informed and prepared agents to succeed in the market and to provide to customers with good service with the best energy in the world.

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