Basics & Best practices in the use of portable generators


Grupel wants to ensure that the usage of its products is always in a safe way and that the user is aware of the procedures, and for that, Grupel created this guide of best practices in the use of Grupel portable generators.


What you need to do when you turn it on and off

  • Do not turn on the generator in front of the exhaust;
  • Always check the oil level before turning on the generator;
  • After switching off, leave the generator to cool before you transport it in places with low ventilation.



  • Verify if exist any leak;
  • Verify if it’s necessary to retighten.


Safety precautions

  • Always use in open spaces;
  • At end of usage keep the generator in a safe place;
  • You must take into consideration the recommended time to use the generator in continuous.


Supported load

  • Verify the power of the devices that you pretend to connect.
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