Energy everywhere with Grupel Portable Generators


Grupel portable generators are backup devices, developed to provide temporary energy in case of a failure or inexistence of other power sources.

Grupel Portable Generators models of low power bear some household basic devices, while the high-power models can provide energy for the entire household. Beyond the residential sector, the portable generators also have application in sectors like construction and industry due to its low-cost and easy installation.

Construction activities like cutting, lifting and perforating strongly depend on a continuous energy supply, and because of that, the fast industrialization and expansion in this sector, especially in the Asia-Pacific region are feeding the growth of portable generators in the market.

Furthermore, the increasing urbanization along with the lack of energy supply, influence the consumers to choose to have portable generators, in order to guarantee a continuous electric energy supply. This has contributed to a market growth. However, the strict environment regulation applied by several governments for the emission of hazardous gases act as a growth restriction to the market of portable generators.

This market is segmented based on the fuel type used by portable generators, like diesel or gasoline. Nowadays, the diesel portable generators have the largest market share. Based on the final consumer, the residential sector dominates the market, representing most of the global participation in this market. Followed by the commercial sectors, construction and industrial.

In relation to the specific characteristics of these portable generators, they are aimed to supply temporary energy in backup and are available as single-phase and three-phase models. In Grupel portable generators with 3.1kw there is only the three-phase model available, but the model of 8kw includes the two versions.

Both versions of 3.1 and 8kw have the CE certification, differential circuit breaker, gasoline fuel, limit of temperatures up to 40ºC and easy handling, thanks to the wheels and handles on the 8kw version.

This Portable Range has a maximum of 2 hours in continuous functioning and it has several applications and purposes as you can see below:


Applications for portable gasoline generators


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