Grupel establishes commercial partnership with Benza Energía (Internaco)


Grupel and Benza Energía, from the Spanish group Internaco, have recently joined in a bilateral commercial agreement, which will enable the worldwide growth of both brands of the power generation sector.

The partnership will allow the sharing of technical know-how and market experience, for the realization of increasingly versatile and robust projects, as well as more adapted to the real needs and contexts of customers.

Both companies – Grupel and Benza Energía (Internaco) – have many years of experience in the genset market and come to this agreement with expectations of growth and expansion, and the desire to strengthen ties of proximity with customers, offering them energy solutions of higher quality, diversified and aligned with market trends.

Innovation and focus on the customer are at the core of our mission, and that is why we believe this partnership is a step further towards the development and innovation of our products and, therefore, towards a greater satisfaction of our customers around the world.

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