Grupel receives 2022 SME Leader Status

Awards & Recognitions

Grupel was distinguished, for the third consecutive time, with the 2022 SME Leader status.

This year was really a year of growth for our company, with an increase of about 40% of our turnover. We proved, once again, to be a brand with space in the current economy and in the industry of the future, occupying a prominent place in the market of power generators in Portugal.

The 2022 SME Leader status, awarded by IAPMEI, in a partnership with Turismo de Portugal, the Bank and Mutual Guarantee Societies, recognizes small and medium enterprises with exceptional performance, taking into account the quality and risk profile. This distinction is the result of a strategy to strengthen Grupel’s offer and also to consolidate our position as an energy supplier worldwide.

The path the company has taken towards the modernization of processes and their digitalization has opened the doors to greater efficiency and optimization, allowing us to bring our customers solutions tailored to what they seek and adjusted to the requirements of each market.

The brand’s solutions, increasingly expanded, cover a wider range of needs, responding to more applications and complying with standards that concern factors as distinct as noise or particulate emissions.

With the introduction of another portable model, a Rental range and STAGE V models, we were, able to respond to more requirements, serve more projects and be closer to our customers.

The year was also marked by strategic decisions that we believe will allow us to have a greater negotiating capacity and will bring good results. Examples of this are the reinforcement of the stock of components and the expansion of our facilities, which will allow us to respond in a faster, more agile and efficient way to market needs.

Moreover, the commitment and dedication of the entire team make Grupel a company that meets the goals it sets, seeking innovation and exceeding expectations. Thus, we can guarantee quality and focus on the client, in all phases of our projects.

For the 3rd consecutive year, winning the 2022 SME Leader status makes the entire Grupel team proud and motivates us to continue working to offer quality solutions that are a reference in the sector.


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