Grupel is a 2023 Five Star Brand

Awards & Recognitions

Year after year, Grupel’s Energy grows and gains prominence in the power generators market in Portugal. For the 6th consecutive time, the company was distinguished with the 2023 Five Stars Award.

This recognition is the result of the confidence that the Portuguese consumers place in the brand, since it is through their evaluation that it is awarded.

After a market analysis made with a total of 2257 consumers, the 2023 Five Stars Award distinguished Grupel once again, as it stood out in criteria such as satisfaction, purchase intention or recommendation, another sign of the relevance of the company in the Portuguese market.

This is only possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of the brand’s employees, from design to after-sales, who make it increasingly closer to clients (not only in Portugal, but in over 70 countries) and a reference in the sector.

In the “Generator sets” category, the Award evaluated 6 brands that operate in the Portuguese market, considering five different variables:

  • Satisfaction through experimentation
  • Quality-Price ratio
  • Intention to purchase and recommendation
  • Consumer confidence in the brand
  • Product innovation


In Grupel’s evaluation, the indicator with the highest score was the intention to recommend, followed by the satisfaction through experimentation and the quality-price ratio.

The variable “satisfaction through” included 5 characteristics: robustness, reliability, noise level / soundproofing, consumption, and technical assistance and warranty. The robustness of our generators and our technical assistance service were the features with the best rating among those mentioned, with Grupel scoring above 8 (from 0 to 10) in all of them.

47% of the respondents associate Grupel with “quality” and “innovation”. And 59% of them recognize the brand thanks to its communication on the web.

Grupel’s overall rating, taking into account the variables mentioned, was 8.18 (out of 10), 3.8% higher than the brand’s score in the previous edition and 8.4% compared to the first edition of the Award in which it won (2018).


Winning the 2023 Five Stars Award, for the 6th consecutive year, consolidates the prominent position that Grupel occupies in the market of manufacturing and commercialization of generator sets and electrical engineering solutions, in Portugal, considering all phases of the brand’s projects, from conception and design to technical assistance and after-sales.

Pedro Gonçalves, Marketing and Sales Director, reinforces the importance of the Award and assures

“We will continue to work to be an innovative and reliable brand, perfectly adapted to the market’s demands. Thank you for trusting us!”

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