SME Leader 2022 (PME Líder): Interview with Célia Carmo, Grupel’s CFO

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In 2022, Grupel was distinguished for the fourth time with the SME Leader status, recognizing its exceptional performance in terms of quality and risk profile.

This year brought Grupel a great growth, with a 40% increase in the company’s business volume, and the expansion of both its product range and its facilities.

Célia Carmo, Grupel’s CFO



Célia Carmo, Grupel’s Financial Director, tells us about the plans to maintain this SME Leader Status 2022, a prominent position in the market.


How do you review Grupel’s year of 2022 in financial terms?

The year 2022 was marked by many oscillations, from the difficulty in acquiring raw materials to the increase in the cost of energy. However, the evolution of the activity was quite positive, we recorded a historic growth, and we were able to respond to our customers’ requests and find strategies to overcome the difficulties the market posed throughout the year.


What makes Grupel a solid leading brand in the market?

Always being one minute ahead, that is, anticipating market movements and the needs of our customers. All this combined with a great quality production.


What is the importance of the SME Leader status for Grupel?

It is very gratifying to see the effort of the whole team recognized by this status. In addition to our certifications, it is another element that validates our robustness and sustained growth.


To what extent does Grupel’s digital transformation contribute to this result?

Grupel’s digital transformation process keeps it an agile company that quickly responds to challenges and adapts to each moment. The optimization of processes allows us to be more competitive and incomparably closer to our clients. Everything a click away, 24h/7.


What is Grupel’s strategy to keep the SME Leader status in 2023?

In 2023, we will continue on our path to make Grupel the number 1 independent company in the world in the manufacturing of generators. To grow in a sustained manner; to work on the continuous satisfaction of our clients; to continue to innovate.




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