Industry 4.0: the path to production process optimization

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On the path to optimizing our industrial and management processes, we recently partnered with Kaizen Insitute, and together we are working on improving procedures and ways of doing things in order to achieve greater efficiency.

Driven by the Japanese philosophy, Kaizen, from which it takes its name, the Kaizen Institute is known for consulting and supporting companies in their incremental and continuous improvement. Combining various tools and collaborative transformation methods, its action aims to ensure the exemplary performance of the many areas of the company, by identifying problems and opportunities, and supporting the implementation of the respective solutions.

The optimization of the production process is one of the major objectives of our brand, which in recent years has invested significantly in a structural reorganization and digital transformation, with the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery, the restructuration of factory and warehouse space and the implementation of Shop Floor Management.

All these measures allow the integration and interconnection of all systems, procedures and information flows, from the various production lines, to logistics, engineering, marketing and other departments, enabling more efficient processes and more optimized and qualified solutions.


José Souto, Director of Operations at Grupel, tells us about the company’s intentions with this partnership and the importance of constantly updating and modernizing processes to ensure greater efficiency and an increasingly stronger positioning in the market:


The partnership with Kaizen arises in connection with the integration and digitalization process, towards Industry 4.0, in which we are immersed. It aims to achieve a production of 100 units per week with only one production shift of 8 hours and 5 working days, which means redesigning the operational processes and increasing our capacity and shift efficiency. The expected result will be the production of a generator every 20 minutes.

The changes are transversal to all departments involved in production, moving from batch production to a ‘just in time’ unit production. In this way we will have a maximum of 12 units in the line flow, instead of the 40 that we sometimes have. This will lead to better working conditions for all employees and more efficiency. All materials and operators are being repositioned to reduce downtime and unnecessary displacements. We will be able to produce faster and with less effort.

Also considering that our space is limited, we are trying to optimize our facilities to be able to produce as much as possible there, so that we have a factory that can absorb the growth we have wanted to achieve for several years.

Continuous improvement is important, not only for Grupel, but for all companies globally that want to evolve and adapt to the new needs of the market, digitalizing all areas of the company to be “spearhead” in the industry.”


For a company, such as Grupel, whose focus is on the customer, the optimization of its production process is a priority. Only in this way are we able to make our work more efficient in time and costs, and our solutions increasingly more able to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and the demands of the market, with the shortest possible delivery time.

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