Grupel wins 2024 Five Star Award

Awards & Recognitions

For the 7th consecutive year, in 2024, Grupel has been awarded the Five Star Award (Prémio Cinco Estrelas), reinforcing its position as the leader in the power generators and energy solutions market in Portugal.

This recognition is the result of the portuguese consumers’ confidence in the brand and it motivates us to continue to grow, keeping our focus on our customers.

The 2024 Five Star Award was granted, as usual, following a market analysis carried out among a total of 2 555 consumers, with Grupel obtaining the best rating in the Power Generators category, excelling in criteria such as consumer satisfaction or value for money.


In the “Power Generators” category, the award evaluated 6 brands working in the Portuguese market, considering five variables:

  • Satisfaction through experimentation
  • Quality-price ratio
  • Intention to recommend
  • Confidence in the brand
  • Product innovation


Grupel’s overall rating, taking into account the variables mentioned, was 7.98 (out of 10), 5.68% higher than the rating achieved in the first edition in which it won the Award (2018).
The indicators with the highest scores in Grupel’s evaluation were intention to recommend, satisfaction through experimentation and quality-price ratio, each of which scored above 8 points (out of 10).


The “satisfaction through experimentation” variable analyzed 5 factors: robustness, reliability, noise level / soundproofing, consumption, and technical assistance and warranty. The robustness and reliability of our generators were the characteristics in which Grupel scored the highest, followed by the technical assistance service.


As a result of this analysis, it was also possible to ascertain that 24% of respondents associate Grupel with “quality” and 20% with “reliability”, while 50% of them recognize the brand thanks to web communication.


Winning the 2024 Five Star Award, for the 7th year running, is only possible thanks to the daily work and dedication of the brand’s employees who, from design to after-sales, respond rigorously to our customers’ needs and make Grupel a brand that is close to the market and worthy of trust and reference.

According to Pedro Gonçalves, Grupel’s Marketing and Sales Director, “being awarded the 2024 Five Star Award shows the quality of our products, the closeness of the support we provide to each customer and the promptness of the responses we give to their needs. That’s why we should be very proud”.

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