Grupel recognized with the Five Stars 2022 Award

Awards & Recognitions

For the 5th consecutive year, Grupel was recognized with the Five Stars 2022 Award, in the “Gensets” category. A distinction that, once again, fills us with pride and motivates us to continue growing, keeping our focus on our clients.

In this category, the award evaluated 5 brands in the Portuguese market, taking into account five variables that influence Portuguese consumers in their buying decisions:

  • Satisfaction through experimentation
  • Quality-Price ratio
  • Intention to recommend
  • Consumer trust in the brand
  • And product innovation

In Grupel’s Five Stars Award 2022’s evaluation, the indicator with the highest score was the intention to recommend, followed by satisfaction for the experimentation, whose evaluation was up compared to the 2021 results of the Award.

The variable “satisfaction from experimentation” included 5 characteristics: robustness, reliability, acoustic insulation, consumption and technical assistance. The robustness of our generators and our technical assistance service were the features with the best rating among those mentioned, with Grupel scoring above 8 (from 0 to 10) in all of them.

In addition, we also learned that around 21% of the respondents associate our brand with “quality” and that our web communication is the factor that most leverages the recognition of Grupel in the market, followed by the recommendation by third parties.

Grupel’s overall rating, taking into account all the variables mentioned at the beginning, was 7.88 (out of 10), 3.8% above the runner-up, and 4.4% above the brand’s rating in the first edition in which it won the Award – 2018.


The Five Stars 2022 Award reinforces Grupel’s position as a leader in the manufacturing and commercialization of power generators in Portugal, recognizing our important role in all stages of the product life cycle, from design to technical assistance.

Winning it fills us with pride and motivates us to remain close to our clients with solutions tailored to what they are looking for and services that meet their needs.

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