Grupel’s sales team in France visits Vagos


For two days, we gathered Grupel’s sales team in France, at our facilities. Its members were at our headquarters, in Vagos (Portugal), where they visited the factory and our team.

This meeting allowed the exchange of ideas and the alignment of the commercial strategy for the consolidation of Grupel’s brand and the management of business opportunities in France, a country where we have cemented our presence and business.

In addition, gathering Grupel’s sales team in France was very important to understand the experience of the different players who operate in numerous parts of the country and who make our brand grow in the field, day after day.

During the meeting, the participants were able to see in detail the manufacturing process of Grupel’s generators, including the new production line with the Salvagnini machine that brought significant gains in terms of production and process optimization.

There was also time for technical-commercial training, focused on the specificities and advantages of Grupel products, on the new features of our product range and on the internal procedures implemented for the optimization of processes, from the gathering of orders to the commissioning of projects.

Adriana Carvalho, Grupel’s sales manager for the French market, recognizes the importance of this meeting and the intervention of our brand’s network in this country:

“This meeting with Grupel’s sales team in France allowed us to strengthen the connection we have with those in the field, and enabled them to have a more direct contact with our product, our manufacturing and personnel structure, and our current processes. This is essential, especially in a market where we already have a consolidated presence, but where we hope to grow more and more. France is a major strategic focus for our brand, which is looking to strengthen its position in European markets.”

Being closer to our customers means also being closer to the networks that allow us to spread and grow our Energy. That’s why visits like this one become fundamental for us to share goals and strategies, and to assess the needs and conclusions of those on the ground.

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