Grupel travels to Egypt


At the end of March, Grupel traveled to Egypt, where we participated in a seminar, visited important companies in the construction, water and oil and gas sectors

and met with consultants in the energy field, reviving our strategy of prospection and acquisition of new partners.

The central point of Grupel’s visit to Egypt was the seminar for NOPWASD, the authority for approval of water projects in Egypt, to which we were invited by Gyza Systems Electromechanic Contractor (GSEC).

In it we were able to present Grupel, our facilities and reference projects in Egypt and worldwide. The audience was very participative and very interested in our products and the specificities that gensets must show in order to better respond to the conditions and characteristics of the country. The presentation was translated into Arabic on site, so that all participants could understand the message.

There was also time to visit other local partners and to promote Grupel’s brand among the entities that have the power and responsibility to technically approve all the projects in Egypt.

In this sense, Grupel met with organizations from numerous sectors, including construction companies and local installers, important state and private consultants from the oil and gas and engineering fields, and potential customers in the energy and water treatment sectors.

In addition, we promoted networking and training activities with our partner GSEC, in order to strengthen ties and unify strategies and visions.


Egypt is one of the gateways to Africa and is a very attractive and competitive market, being pointed out as one of the three African countries with the highest economic growth in the coming years, which will lead to increasing energy needs.

It is a very relevant market, a point of contact with North Africa and the Middle East, therefore, this closer connection with the players that operate there becomes a great asset and an important step in our company’s strategy. At the same time, it allows us to cement the credibility of Grupel among customers and our brand’s recognition among selected companies.

For Grupel, meetings like this are essential, since they allow us to strengthen relationships, get to know the reality of the markets better and present our work in greater detail, which leaves us closer to fulfill our mission: to take Energy where it is needed.


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