Grupel’s year 2021


The year 2021 was full of great challenges and goals for Grupel. We wanted to grow, to innovate and to take energy where it was needed. In hindsight, we can make a very positive balance.

From the launch of a new range of products to the renewal of distinctions such as the Five Stars Award and the PME Líder status, our year 2021 had several milestones that fill us with pride.

The year 2021 marked the return to the office of employees previously in home office and, therefore, of face-to-face meetings, visits from our partners and internal actions that have restored some of the dynamism and joy that are so characteristic of the Grupel DNA.

In addition, we have made great strides in the digitalization process of our production, with the implementation of an automated line, faster and more agile, and with the introduction of a shop floor management model capable of linking all the industrial processes to the commercial and logistic tools, optimizing and modernizing our action.

We also launched a new website with an improved image and new features, which allows a clearer and more focused browsing experience for advanced research of power generators and other products of our brand.

Naturally, we have continued to develop our products and projects to meet the needs of our customers around the world and the specifics of their contexts. The versatility and quality we have achieved have allowed us to power diverse structures, from industry to agriculture and livestock, as well as infrastructures such as power plants and ones of the telecommunications industry.

In addition to these products and projects, we launched a new range of lighting towers, expanding our already wide range of equipment, with new solutions for applications such as the construction, mining, and events.

As a result of the great commitment of our team in making our brand grow and become consolidated, in the year 2021, Grupel tiered 26th in the ranking of the 500 biggest companies in Bairrada (the region where it is based), at the same time it was distinguished with the Five Stars Award, for the 4th consecutive year, and with the PME Líder status, for the 2nd time.


With our eyes set on a future of greater growth, development and innovation, we can only look back with satisfaction and a sense of mission accomplished.

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