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One of Grupel’s greatest strengths is its flexibility, its ability to adapt to the contexts and specific needs of each client.

For this reason, our Product Development department, which has a highly specialized engineering team and extensive knowledge, designs and creates high-powered solutions for use in contexts such as industries, power plants, combined heat and power (CHP) plants or for military purposes, as examples.

As a result of this effort, we have a wide portfolio of special projects, which include fully customized generator sets with a wide range of extras that ensure responsiveness for development or adaptation to truly distinct solutions.

Below we present some of the extra equipment and systems that make up the Grupel Special Projects.

The extra equipments and systems applied in Grupel Special Projects include:

Supervision and Data Acquisition System (SCADA)
This system allows the control of the processes of factories, power plants, among others, as well as the communication with them, by obtaining, monitoring and processing data.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)
This device, a touch screen installed on the control panel, displays data in real time and allows the control of the equipment and processes.

Independent fire protection systems (PCI): detection and extinction
These fire-fighting systems are installed independently, one per container, and guarantee fast and effective protection of the equipment, in case of fire, without increased costs.

Large capacity fuel tanks and automatic fuel supply systems
As these are larger and more powerful solutions, Grupel’s special projects must guarantee a great autonomy and, for this, the gensets that compose them have large fuel tanks. The generators can also be prepared to receive the supply from an external tank, automatically controlled by the generator’s controller.

Remote engine cooling systems through heat exchangers
It is possible to mount the generators in places without air circulation, by installing heat exchangers and a radiator at a distance to ensure its correct functioning.

Black Start Systems
In power plants there is often a need for auxiliary systems to start up the turbines in case of a total blackout. These Black Start systems, work even in the absence of any external power supply, generating themselves the energy necessary to re-establish the power plant’s grid.


Of the most recent Grupel Special Projects, it is important to highlight four:

01. Combined Heat and Power System, Mexico

This special project is powered by natural gas and is prepared to work 24/7.
The project uses thermal energy which gives it greater efficiency, greater economic profitability and the reduction of toxic gas emissions.

Main characteristics:

  • generator powered by an MTU natural gas engine, with electrical production capacity of 1,500kW | 480V | 60 HZ;
  • pump system for high and low temperature circuits. Since this system is critical, a redundant pump system has been designed in both circuits;
  • gas supply ramp and shutoff associated valves;
  • automatic engine oil filling system with additional 500l clean oil tank;
  • exhaust catalyst for the reduction of exhaust emissions in the form of NOx and evacuation chimney;
  • easy transportation.


02. Combined Cycle Plant, Ivory Coast

Special Project composed by 5 diesel generators of 3125kVA (STP) with MTU engine (20V4000G74F) and MECC ALTE alternator (ECO47MV-1L/4A), installed in 40″ containers, developed to help a Power Plant in Ivory Coast.

Among its special attributes are

  • the SCADA System for control and supervision of the entire project;
  • the firefighting system;
  • and the Black Start generator.


03. Project for the Spanish Army (itinerant)

Project composed by 7 diesel generators of 600kVA with VOLVO engine (PENTA TAD 1642 GE) and LEROY SOMER alternator (LSA47.2L9 C6/4), installed in 20” containers, prepared to operate in several military bases around the world.

Its particularities that stand out:

  • its easy mobility, due to the itinerant nature of the project;
  • and the different operating modes (parallel and island, and with automatic start).


04. WWTP, Australia

Special Project composed by 3 1900kVA Generators (STP) with MITSUBISHI engine (S16R-PTA) and STAMFORD alternator (S9H1D-B4). It was sent to Australia to operate in an emergency regime in a WWTP.

Its special that features stand out:

  • the 1200L fuel tanks;
  • the remote cooling system;
  • and the voltage transformers with integrated fuses.


If you are looking for a tailored solution that guarantees the best quality, efficiency and technical assistance, Grupel has the answer.

Learn more about our Special Projects.

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