Why are generators crucial in power plants?


The numerous activities, businesses, and processes within communities depend on the countries’ energy infrastructure, which can be composed of power plants of various types (thermoelectric, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear).

Therefore, it is necessary to create support structures that can guarantee an agile and reliable supply, consisting of robust and powerful gensets suitable for demanding needs, ensuring a controlled and smooth operation of all the power plants’ operating processes.

These generators must be prepared to continuously operate and/or power all the systems that guarantee the safety of the plant and people, at any time.

It is imperative that in emergency situations, such as blackouts, power is restored quickly and effectively and control over the operation of the facility is maintained to prevent damage such as the emptying or overflow of a hydroelectric plant, the shutdown of a thermal plant, or a more serious accident in the case of a nuclear plant.

Through its engineering and product development department, Grupel has designed and carried out several solutions for this purpose. The generators for power plants, which are part of a wide portfolio of special projects, are designed to support these infrastructures and to support their needs at all stages.

Characterized by the supply of high power, robustness and versatility, the generators that make up the special projects applied to power plants are fully customizable and have several extras, which ensure the ability to respond to complex situations.

Therefore, all the processes from design to production and installation of these projects require great detail and meticulous engineering work.

So, what are the special features that these projects must meet?

  • Whether they operate on standby or continuously, they must always guarantee the power required for the installation, which is usually achieved by using more than one genset;
  • They must be capable of supplying electricity for extended periods, and should therefore be equipped with tanks or other fuel supply systems with great autonomy;
  • Black-start gensets are common in such projects, since they are specifically designed to restore the plant’s start-up and stable operation in the event of a mains failure;
  • Due to the high demand of the facilities they support, these generators must be robust and reliable, so periodic maintenance is essential;
  • In this type of gensets, where the produced noise is extremely high, soundproofing is an important factor.


Grupel’s customized solutions are reliable systems with proven track records in efficiently supporting energy infrastructures in several countries around the world.

Get to know some of these projects.

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