1st edition of the LATAM event – Grupel Distributors

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With the intent of promoting, disclose and sharing Grupel’s brand we received the visit from Grupel distributors of Latin America for technical training, knowledge sharing, and market development.

This event occurred during the week (25-09 of March) and we had the presence of our Grupel distributors from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Panamá.

As the base of this event, we had the Grupel Academy, which is a technical-commercial training that has the purpose to strengthen the technical knowledge of our gensets. This will help them in guarantee, after sales cases and in the alteration of voltage.

With this training, we hope that our distributors can go beyond representing the brand Grupel and responsible for gensets sales in their country/region and become our representants of the service after sales and guarantees.

Through this training, that started off with the theoretical part, there was an experience sharing of each distributor referring to their market, which helped to understand their needs and their countries. With these sharing moments, we ended up with guidelines and to define the strategies to 2019.

In one of these moments, we also confirmed the quality and different applications of the gensets with Grupel engine, since they adapt easily to every type of environment as the case in the city La Paz in Bolivia that is 4000 mts height and in the high temperatures of Panama.

In the practical part of the training, the distributors had the chance to open up a Grupel engine, which gives the opportunity to confirm the engine and alternator quality that we had already determined with the applications in their territories. With this, they could observe the components and verify that the motor is of easy handling, since it is very mechanic, and it works perfectly in any environment/country and with this type of training it is easy to perform necessary services of Grupel engine maintenance.

The part that had the most impact with the distributors was the visit to the facilities because in this way they were able to see from a different perspective the genset manufacturing and prove their quality. With this visit, they watched every manufacturing process from the beginning until the end where they are shipped to the client/distributor.

At end of the event, the feedback was very positive, and it demonstrated that events like these reinforce the relationship between both parts, especially the trust in the product quality and support in the after-sales service between Grupel and Distributors.


Watch the feedback of our distributors:

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