1st Grupel Spanish Sales Agents Conference 2017

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Last February, we had the pleasure to receive at our facilities in Vagos (Aveiro, Portugal) the team of commercial agents from Grupel in Spain for an annual event.

This year, unlike previous years, Grupel chose to hold a two-day trade event that included advanced and specialized technical training to all our commercial agents in Spain, in order to clarify all their doubts.

The event, which was called “1st Grupel Spanish Sales Agents Conference” was characterized for being more complete, less theoretical and more dynamic. It counted with two days full of training and an attractive social program.

The objective of this event was to discuss and inform our agents about the latest innovations in our products, our business strategy and the marketing plan for the current year.

In a satisfaction survey carried out at the end of the event, the commercial agents from Spain were able to express what they liked best during the two days of intense fraternization, learning and training. Among the comments made are the communication with the different members of the group and technicians of the production unit, technical services, sales representatives, the specific explanations about the motors, alternators and controllers, and the visible and firm bet of Grupel in the spanish market. The work developed by the marketing department was also widely praised.

In addition to all the objectives already mentioned, this “1st Grupel Spanish Sales Agents Conference” had a hidden purpose that can not be neglected in this article, the acquaintance of all the agents from different regions of Spain and the Grupel team in a way that allowed to strengthen relations among all.

Ultimately, we hope that this 1st Grupel Spanish Sales Agents Conference, has served as a motto to transform the year 2017 into the best year ever in sales in the Spanish market and, of course, elevate the Grupel brand as the No. 1 reference in Spain in Production and sale of diesel generating sets.

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