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The business and retail sectors currently represent a preponderant slice of countries' economies.

The business and retail sectors currently represent a preponderant slice of countries’ economies. Increasingly, service companies, hotels, restaurants and shops have growing energy consumption needs, where a simple failure or instability in the power grid supply can cause huge financial damage and even endanger the safety of those who frequent these spaces.

Just think, for example, of data centers, where huge amounts of data are managed simultaneously, 24 hours a day, and where a simple momentary power outage can lead to the total paralysis of many companies, particularly those related to e-commerce, or the suspension of numerous financial processes, as in the case of stock exchanges, for example.

Or if we look at shopping centers, which have today a huge market share in the retail sector, and in which a power cut can lead to the obligation to close the spaces for the safety of retailers and customers and in particular, in the restaurant area for example, cause refrigerated or frozen food to spoil.


To meet these needs, these sectors of activity tend to resort to the installation of power generators prepared mainly to be triggered in case of emergency and to respond temporarily to energy needs that ensure the minimum operation of these units, until the regular power grid is restored.

In this way, these gensets must ensure:

  • maximum reliability to work both in emergency and continuous operation mode;
  • automatic redundant start-up so that they are activated as soon as a cut in the electrical supply is detected;
  • capacity to operate for long periods of time and therefore have large autonomy fuel tanks;
  • optimized performance to respond to distinct consumption peaks and avoid unnecessary consumption.

The success of these types of sectors, particularly retail, hospitality and catering, is very dependent on customer satisfaction, their willingness to return and recommend to others, and therefore it is essential to minimize the impact that a power cut can have on their experience.

Thus, whatever your needs or type of business, Grupel is prepared to respond effectively with custom developed generators, according to the power required, the location of the project and specificities arising from the application for which they are intended.


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