Grupel as Smart Industry – Technology generates energy


The program Imagens de Marca from the Portuguese channel SIC Notícias released a new section dedicated to the energy sector, presenting Grupel as a Smart Industry.

“Grupel stands out as the national leader in the gensets market, taking its national energy to the four corners of the globe”. This is how the interview made to Grupel started, showing how digital technology is revolutionizing the industry of several sectors in the Portuguese economy.

Grupel has evolved over the years, not only in the technology present in the manufacturing processes, which made it more optimized, reducing costs and increasing product quality, but also positively affected its digital environment.

This evolution is visible in the search for these products online, representing 56.4% of the organic traffic of visits to the website. These figures show that, during 2018, Grupel did an excellent job that raised interest and that the content produced was relevant.

The generators market is a very competitive market, and for that, it is necessary to invest in a creative way, and in the future, Grupel intends to be even more connected to technology, like the CEO Eng. Marco Santos explains:

“[…] it’s going to happen an alteration of paradigms in the gensets companies […] the relation is not going to be anymore B2B like we know, but B2C, because increasingly with social media we will reach the final customer.”

Grupel’s strategy is very digital and this focus in most part allowed Grupel to grow every year more than 20% and export 90% of its production, demonstrating that its presence and this digital world, enable Grupel to reach this internationalization, create proximately with the customer and gain new distributors/partners.

The future depends on the way we respond to changes that happen in the market and Grupel has been able to adapt and aware that technology generates energy and that can take Grupel to the four corners of the globe.

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