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Grupel supplied a high-power generator set for the Termocandelaria power plant, in Colombia. Located in Cartagena de las Indias, it is the most modern power plant in this country, ensuring quality energy to the entire Caribbean region. It has two high-tech electricity generation units, which operate on natural gas and diesel; a control room; an administration office; a chemical warehouse; a hazardous waste warehouse; a water treatment plant; a liquid fuel treatment and storage plant; an electrical substation; a mechanical and instrumentation workshop; and the combined cycle project work area.

The project consists of a generator set to support the power plant and all the aforementioned spaces. A special Grupel project of 1470kVA, with an MTU engine and a Leroy Somer alternator, installed in a 40" container.

As it is a special project, this generator has a wide range of extras that allow its high-performance levels, its efficiency and a total adaptation to the conditions of the installation site and the application requirements.


Among these differentiating factors, we highlight


  • A tropicalized radiator, considering the climatic characteristics of the installation site;
  • Oil level, water temperature, and fuel level sensors to ensure the safety and efficiency of the entire operation;
  • Two large autonomy double walled tanks (1000L each);
  • Power Box to access the output busbars and at the same time ensure the protection of non-qualified people;
  • Noise level 85 dB(A) at 1 m, ensuring the required degree of soundproofing.


Termocandelaria is a power generating company, providing Colombia and the Caribbean region with highly reliable electricity, creating value in diverse communities.

Ensuring its correct and uninterrupted operation is very important and can make the difference for businesses, infrastructure, and lives in this territory. This is where power generators come into action by being able to provide backup power for such facilities.

Thanks to our Engineering and Product Development department, Grupel can offer solutions and generator sets that effectively support power plants, guaranteeing their correct and safe operation.

If you are looking for a customized solution for this type of application, please contact our team.



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