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For some time now, Grupel has been taking on Special Projects of great dimension and complexity. Great scope projects that constitute real engineering challenges, that are different, and that must be adapted to the most demanding needs of our customers.

Flexibility has always been the motto in the company, which, associated with a great productive capacity, makes Grupel a trustworthy brand in the design and implementation of this type of solutions.

Recently, we were challenged to carry out a project that aims to assist the Azito Combined Cycle Plant, Ivory Coast. It is ready to operate in two different ways:

  • as an emergency power source;
  • and as a Black Start system to support the Central’s turbine.

The project consists of five diesel generators of 3125kVA (STP) with MTU engine (20V4000G74F) and MECC ALTE alternator (ECO47MV-1L / 4A), each installed in a 40’’ container.

When operating as an emergency system, it will supply the necessary load to protect the plant's sensitive equipment in the event of a power failure. And when operating as a Black Start system, it guarantees the correct operation of the Central, when there is no external power from the main grid. The system will choose between the 2 operating modes, according to the commands of a Supervision and Data Acquisition system (SCADA System).

In addition to this system, each generator is equipped with:

  •  an autonomous firefighting system of two types - CO2 for the fuel tank and for the electrical room; and water sprinklers for the generator compartment;
  • two redundant controllers (DEIF branding) to ensure the correct and continuous operation of the system;
  • air inlets, installed at the top of each container, with sound attenuators, and air outlets also with 1.5 m sound attenuators, which made possible to respond to the acoustic pressure limit set by the customer – 80dB.


It is an efficient solution, capable of powering the essential load of the plant, in just about 15 seconds.

With this type of rigorous and multifaceted projects, we develop our solutions from conception and development, to commissioning, through manufacturing and installation. Thus, we become increasingly more able to create and deliver Energy with the best quality, wherever it is needed, and to respond to the most difficult and specific requirements of our customers efficiently.

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