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Following the partnership agreement made between Grupel and the company Super Star Group (SSG) for the distribution of diesel generators in Bangladesh, electric generators have been supplied to support the mini-stations of solar photovoltaic panels installed by SSG in underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh, where the possibility of grid growth is very remote in the near future.

These projects provide quality electricity to both households and small commercial businesses and also encourage commercial activities in the project areas.

As part of these projects, Super Star Group has set up a mini photovoltaic panel station located at Char Baghutia, Daulotpur, Manikganj, Bangladesh.

The size of the power installed by Super Star Group in the PV panel station is 241.68kWp. This project will provide power to:

  • 962 houses;
  • 96 stores;
  • 16 social institutions (such as mosques and schools);
  • 4 rice mills;
  • 1 locksmith shop;
  • 20 irrigation pumps (spread over a distance of about 14 km).


Among the various components used in this project is a 150kVA diesel generator from Grupel, which will help in the electrical maintenance of this photovoltaic station.
The electricity produced is then sold directly to customers through a pre-paid energy meter.

Grupel is thus proud to support our distributor, Super Star Group, in pursuing this goal, contributing to the development and growth of the most remote locations in Bangladesh.


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