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As part of the most recent Grupel Special Projects, we may highlight two (2) power generators provided to a power plant in Ivory Coast.

The project supplies energy to the CIPREL (Compagnie Ivoirienne de Production d’Electricité) power plant, the largest and most powerful one in the country, composed of three (3) gas turbines and one (1) steam turbine with a total power capacity of 556MW. CIPREL’s power plant, thus, guarantees reliable electricity to many infrastructures and activities throughout Ivory Coast, helping in the development of businesses and communities there.

The two (2) power generators of 1250kVA, each, support the power plant infrastructure in case of a grid failure and are installed in 40” robust containers that protect the equipment from adverse conditions such as dust, dirt, and sand.

A Special Project designed and conceived by Grupel’s Engineering team, with Perkins engines, Mecc Alte alternators and a series of extra components and systems that make it more suitable for the complexity of the application and for the conditions of the environment in which it operates.

The list of extras include:

  • Automatic start in case of grid failure
  • Double walled joint fuel tank (of 6500L)
  • Flexible coupling for safer power transferring
  • PCI detection and extinction system


The livelihood of countries depends on their energy infrastructure that must operate in a controlled and continuous way. To do so, power generators are frequently used to support power plants in order to guarantee a stable supply 24/7.

These types of projects, like the one described, must be composed of robust and reliable equipment, capable of supplying all the systems that guarantee the safety of the installation and of the people who work there.

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