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Grupel has developed several projects aimed at improving the quality of residential and business life in countries on the African continent, by installing several diesel thermal power plants that contribute to a more reliable and robust energy supply.

In these markets, one of the biggest challenges is precisely related to the ability to produce electric energy capable of satisfying local needs, namely in rural and isolated areas.

One of the solutions is to create containerized Diesel Generation Thermal Power Plants. These plants are equipped with highly reliable diesel-fueled engines, as well as a state-of-the-art alternator and transformer, capable of providing a stable source of power production. In addition to providing direct power to the grid, the generators can also synchronize with the local power grid to increase power and support the grid to increase reliability on the grid. This is a process to optimize power consumption during peak supply periods.

In total, Grupel has designed, produced and installed 12 new thermal power plants for national governments across the African continent.
Each plant consists of two 20′ soundproofed containers, each equipped with Perkins® 4008-30TAG3 engines, 400V 50 Hz alternator and 0.4|30 kV transformer to increase the voltage to 30 kV, allowing the power to be directly injected into the Electric Grid.

Partnership with Perkins® 4000 Series

Perkins engines, model 4008-30TAG3, were selected for installation in these containerized diesel-fired thermal power plants, capable of producing a total of 30MW of extra power for communities in Africa.

This series of Perkins® 4000 is robust, durable and consistent, making it ideal for the performance required in this project and the conditions present on the installation sites. The 30 liter, 8 cylinder turbocharged 4008-30TAG3 engine with air-to-air cooling has proven to be a reliable, continuous and constant source of power for these types of applications around the world.

Following the installation, which took place between August 2017 and March 2018, the thermal power plants will run approximately 6,000 hours per year. The 4008-30TAG3's engines also benefit from an electronically and digitally regulated fuel injector unit where fuel is ultra-optimized, thus achieving great efficiency in fuel consumption.

According to Pedro Sendão, Grupel's commercial manager for Africa: "The key factor in choosing Perkins for this very important installation was the reputation of this engine, and the fact that it provides continuous power, with a competitive price and an excellent delivery time."


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