4th Convention of Grupel Spain Agents, time to align strategies

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For two days, the Commercial Agents of Grupel in Spain were in the company’s facilities, in Vagos (Portugal), where they had technical and specialized training and were able to clarify their doubts about the particularities and new features of the products sold by Grupel.

The meeting was also used to share the company’s commercial goals for the future, and to strengthen relations between the various teams that, even at a distance, work together.

The heads of the commercial department and the Spanish market presented methods of process optimization that will make work simpler and more efficient for everyone, and mechanisms, to be used ideally, so that our commitments to customers run smoothly and neither party leaves impaired.

In addition, they revealed some technological innovations, to be implemented throughout the year, which will support both the procedures and the presentation of the products.

After a visit to the plant, where they were able to get to know more Grupelians and get to know the entire process of manufacturing Grupel products, the agents had the opportunity to talk about the problems they face in their daily work and to present possible solutions.

According to the goals announced by each department, at Kick Energy, in the beginning of January, the commercial department and, therefore, the Grupel Spain agents should increase the sales and add value to each client, in 2020.

Therefore, receiving feedback from those on the ground, especially in a slightly different reality, is invaluable. This discussion helps making the necessary adjustments and align the commercial and marketing strategy in order to create more business opportunities.

There was also time to clarify aspects of after-sales and technical assistance, which are very important for the reputation and image of the brand and its products and services.

We hope this conference sets the tone for a year of committed work aimed at a sales record and the recognition of Grupel as a leader brand and worthy of trust in Spain.

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